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Yep, and if you’re reading this online right now then that means that I’ve successfully uploaded this to my blog. Result!!

Firstly allow me to introduce myself, My name is Brian Hennessy and I am currently residing in Kilkenny Ireland, I dabble in the DJ world mostly these days, Let me tell you a bit more about myself, get comfy. 

The wonder years..

Born and bred ( for the most part ) in Kilkenny I was swiftly whisked away to the states at the very early age of 4. The 80s recession was in full bloom at the time of evacuation. I pretty much spent the better part of my childhood in New York moving around various times. I still have family there and I visit regularly ( I got connections … watch this space ).

Homeward Bound..

The year was 1999, The Celtic Tiger was in full swing and money was rife, the decision from the powers above decided a move back “home” would be beneficial. The mighty Murica was abandoned for bad weather, good health and the craic! Baggy trousers would soon take a back seat to Metallica T shirts and sneaking out to drink in a field……

Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey

We can move on a few years from the bad fashion sense and questionable drinking choices to more recent years and better life choices. I’m not entirely sure exactly when this happened, but it was an eye-opener, years of experimenting had led me to this exact moment, call it fate, call it my “journey”, whatever, it was meant to be, I was introduced to Irish Whiskey, Proper Irish whiskey. Midleton Very rare.

It was delicious, it was like nothing I had ever tried. I couldn’t drink vodka ( poisoned myself ), I couldn’t drink rum ( poisoned myself ), I certainly couldn’t drink tequila ( poisoned myself & best friend ). This was legit, delicious, easy drink ( I thought anyway ). From then on whiskey was always my first choice, and still is, only now my taste has become quite expensive, and I may have accumulated a few bottles along the way…..

My “Mission Statement”

Quite simply I want to write about things that newby ( or even veteran ) whiskey drinkers may have questions about. Cask finishes & types, whiskey lifestyle, glass selection, etiquette and so on. This being from a learners perspective, I’ll get all nerdy so you don’t have to. One thing this blog isn’t, it isn’t a news, stories or new releases blog, there are plenty of extremely talented bloggers out there that would do a far better job than I would when it comes to things like that.

As this is a hobby, and hobbies are meant to be fun, if we had a little craic along the way then how bad.

In Conclusion

There ya have it, a snapshot into my life, or rather a very very very very brief intro into me and the blog. I look forward to interacting with you either personally, through the blog or of course on social media ( click the social icons and follow ). Until then, keep her between the ditches. 



AKA The Whiskey Chaser


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